About Us

We believe true joy is found at the dining table.
We believe the delicious food has the strength to bring people together.
We believe that the best recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

Xin Chào to Mama Le

Since 2018, our passion for creating authentic, delectable, and traditional Vietnamese cuisine has been at the center of everything we do. Located in the heart of Richmond, Texas, Mama Le offers traditional recipes that have been handed down within our family for generations – but with a healthy twist.
At Mama Le, we don't believe in cutting corners. Our Noodle Soup is crafted from exquisite bone broth that has been simmered for over 14 hours. Our Banh Mi are made fresh daily and feature only the finest ingredients and most authentic flavors. Our Black Pearl aka Boba or Bubble Tea is made fresh every four hours to ensure maximum flavor and quality, and our luxurious assortment of fruit teas, lattes and smoothies are sure to please any taste. Every menu item we offer has been lovingly prepared – from our family to yours.
Our beautiful, clean, modern restaurant and friendly staff are here to provide you with a wonderful dining experience, and our magnificent, authentic, and traditional recipes are here to fuel your soul.
Welcome to Mama Le, and welcome to the family.