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Ginger Honey Lemongrass Tea


Feeling under the weather? Try our Liquid Theratea. Immune boosting, sore throat soothing, full of antioxidants, cold suppressing. Recommend serving it hot.

Hot or Iced:Hot Iced
Sugar Level:Regular 75% 50% 25% 0%
Add Toppings:Black Pearl +$0.65Strawberry Popping Pearl +$0.65Magic Crystal Pearl +$0.65Passion Fruit Jelly +$0.65Rainbow Jelly +$0.65Green Apple Jelly +$0.65Mango Jelly +$0.65Coffee Jelly +$0.65Mango Popping Pearl +$0.65Mango Pearl +$0.65Extra Topping +$0.65Coconut Jelly +$0.65Lychee Popping Pearl +$0.65Salted Cream Foam +$0.75Coconut Ice Cream +$1.25
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